For me, making art is both serious and fun. I am interested in the way randomness and chaos interact with order and planning in the act of creation. I create texture. I experiment with and play with the materials I am using and I use methods whose results cannot be completely determined. The disorder I create sets up a tension that forces me to create at least some order, so that a successful finished product can result. In keeping with my long-standing interest in 3D work, I sometimes turn my paintings into "sculpture on canvas". Just like texture, 3D adds interest to my work. My art is both representational (often figurative) and abstracted. I am interested in making playful and joyous work. I distort my subject matter, create imaginary animals and pay no heed to the relative sizes of the subject matter elements I use. I juxtapose unlikely companions and distort shapes. I add little bits of schtick here and there, as if I am crafting a comedy routine. I use primarily hand methods; I want my work to announce that it was done by a person with all the quirkiness that that entails.